5 June

enhance your business blog post

Enhance Your Business with Bartercard

With economic uncertainty impacting almost every facet of life, business owners are often the ones who feel it most keenly. If you don’t have the financial means to make a business deal, bartering is a good alternative. Business owners love bartering, as it saves cash, moves excess stock and fills their downtime.

However, their inherent lack in flexibility means that direct bartering deals are rare. The challenge faced by many business owners engaged in bartering deals is you may want what they have, but they may not want what you have to offer. Bartercard eliminates this problem with its trade dollars. With a currency of trade dollars, you can trade with over 24,000 fellow members.

Through our innovative trade currency, Bartercard has created a flexible, secure, accountable way for businesses to transact their goods and services with other businesses across the US and throughout the world.

Bartercard couples the convenience of a bank account with the flexibility of being able to trade with others for goods and services. By using Bartercard, you will earn trade dollars for the goods and services you sell. This value is electronically recorded into your member account (similar to a bank account).

You may then spend your credit balance (or draw on your interest-free line of credit) to purchase goods and services from any fellow Bartercard member. Trading with Bartercard is entirely flexible, as you:

  • Don’t have to purchase from a business that purchases from you
  • Have the freedom to spend your balance locally, nationally or internationally
  • Can sell now and buy later (or vice versa), and;
  • Can use your interest-free line of credit as working capital (even before making a sale)

As one of the largest B2B networks, Bartercard boasts over 24,000 members.  Bartercard membership allows each member to:

  • Gain new customers. An increase in your customer base will lead to increased exposure, greater sales and a higher business income.
  • To move excess stock or utilise downtime. If you have excess stock, you can barter with fellow Bartercard members to store it in exchange for a product or service. Similarly, if you are experiencing downtime, you can connect with fellow Bartercard members to ensure the downtime does not have a negative impact on your business.
  • Free up cash, which would usually go toward paying existing expenses. With an increased cash flow, you can spend the excess money on improving or promoting your business. And;
  • Increase your profit from the introduction of new business.