What Our Members Say

“I like Bartercard because it frees up our cash. They have lots of business services available. Our bank account would be way lower without Bartercard….Bartercard has really helped us as a new business. We are getting cash jobs as a result… Bartercard keeps our guys working during our slow season and it has helped us tremendously to increase our employee appreciation programs.”

Jessica Pares, Founder, New Leaf Tree Service and certified arborist


“Bartercard, as advertised, has allowed us to maximize our spare capacity. It has enabled us to fill up our idle time to build our business…plus, it has also allowed us to spend some barter dollars on things we wanted, but would never have spent cash on.”

Richard Almes, Principal and Creative Director, Unimedia


“Bartercard has been far reaching for me. It has allowed me to spend my trade dollars on a much grander scale than other trade organizations. The people at Bartercard have been hugely impressive as have been the members that they have brought on board.”

Sandy Weaver, Founder, Sandy’s Cleaners, a 7-store multi-city dry cleaner

Northbridge Dental

“Bartercard creates money saving opportunities for my business and personal expenses in addition to bringing more patients to my practice. I used trade dollars with a caterer for my daughter’s birthday party with a bunch of her middle school friends. The party was a big hit and I was able to use Bartercard where I would have otherwise spent cash.”

Dr. James Richart, Northbridge Dental